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Miami Beach Locksmith is a provider of locksmith services to the surrounding area of Miami Beach, Florida.

Hours of Operations

Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 3:00am

Miami Beach Emergency Locksmith

Emergency services are our specialty. There’s nothing worse than a lockout after hours, or even worse, in the middle of the night. This can be especially true if you’re on the road and you’re locked out of your car. At Miami Beach Locksmith, we can help with any emergency lock situation you have and get you back in your home, commercial property, or automobile as soon as possible.

When an emergency arise, it’s best to contact us via phone. Your problem will be taken by a professional customer service representative who will send a technician out right away. If we can give you an estimate over the phone, we will do so. But the tech will also go over these numbers before he or she begins work. Non-emergency situations can be handled with email if you choose to do so.

We Take Care of Every Emergency Locksmith Situation

Emergencies can vary based on the individual. For the home or apartment dweller, it may be a matter of simple getting back into the home until they can retrieve the lost key or have another one made. It may be a matter of getting a new lock, replacing one that was accidentally damaged. For the commercial property owner, an emergency could mean keeping your property sealed and protected, saving you thousands and maybe even millions when you consider property, files, and other business matters that are stored at your facilities. Regardless of what kind of customer you are, at Miami Beach Locksmith we take each and every emergency case seriously. We waste no time getting out to you and solving the problem.

Our prices for emergency services vary, depending on the service you need. This will be discussed during the estimate both on the phone and in person. In some cases, we may need to retrieve a particular part, especially in the case of a damaged lock. We offer a variety of payment methods for our services, including cash and credit cards. It is highly likely we will be able to work with your payment method to assure you can have the services you need performed the day or night you call. After we service you, you will be provided with receipts and detailed documentation of the work performed. This may come in handy if you are a commercial owner who needs to keep financial transactions on file. It’s also good for both residential and commercial residents who need to provide information to insurance companies.

If you need emergency lock service, contact Miami Beach Locksmith today.

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 3:00am